Interstellar Movie Poster


Interstellar is a science fiction thrill movie that blew audiences away for its stunning images on screen and it needed a movie poster that supported that visually pleasing theme. This poster has many elements that makes it visually interesting and obvious that it is a movie about science fiction.

The first element that stands out to me is what is in the foreground. In the foreground is the main character who is located in the middle of the poster. This draws the viewer attention directly to the title and text that sit right below the main character in the bottom third of the poster. The text font used is thin and only capital letters which makes it very clean and easy to read. The color of the lettering in the title transitions from being a white color to contrast the water, to a darker color to contrast with the star dust streaking across the canvas. The size of the text on the poster is also deliberate in order to sort important information. The title is the largest text on screen because it is the most important followed by “EXPIRIENCE IT IN IMAX” then “COMING SOON.” The text that is directly below the main character states: “MANKIND’S NEXT STEP WILL BE OUR GREATEST” which is inspired by Neil Armstrong’s famous line before stepping on the moon and is used to get the viewer excited to see the movie.

Next, in the middle ground, we can see the other two astronauts and the space ship in the water. This clearly adds to the science fiction aspect of the poster and makes the viewer curious about the other characters in the space suit and about the space ship. Not showing the faces of the other astronauts is deliberate because it makes the identity of the other astronauts a mystery to the viewer. The different sizes of the astronauts also make the image more three-dimensional by clearly showing that there are distances between them.

The background of this poster is very well composed and simply beautiful. It gives off the science fiction feeling because it is an image that is not possible with the human eye. Its not possible to see and image such as this in real life because it shows two exposures of light. The top right corner is a very long exposure shot to capture the stars in the sky and that is sharply contrasted by a very bright cloud of sunlight right below it. If the image of the clouds were taken at the same exposure as the stars then it would be extremely over-exposed. The only way to have to high level of light in the clouds and the low level of light in the stars in the same image is to have used Photoshop to stitch the two images together. The cloud of light also interacts with the foreground and middle ground because it is the main light source that can be seen reflecting off of the metal surfaces and the water.


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