Self Portrait Assignment

Self Portrait #1

This picture was originally a picture of me jumping in front of a landscape in a way that made it look like I was floating. In photoshop, I first did a rough selection around myself using the lasso tool, then I used Select>Invert to invert the selection and delete the background. I then zoomed in and erased the rest of the background that was around the perimeter of myself to create a nice sharp edge. I then made a duplicate layer of myself and applied a Gaussian Blur to the duplicate layer behind the first layer to create a shadowing effect. For the background, I used the eyedropper tool to select the colors found on my body and use those colors for brush strokes. I made straight lines with the brush strokes in the background by holding down shift as I drew. Using the eyedropper to find the exact color on my body gave an interesting color pallet which worked out well. I then applied a Motion Blur to the background in order to blend it together more and make it more smooth.

Picture #1

Self Portrait #2

For this picture, I drew inspiration from one of my favorite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. This picture was harder than I thought to photoshop because it required me to edit out a character in the background and use filters to have my picture match the style of the picture I found online. First I started by cropping out the background in the picture of myself by using the lasso selection tool, the paint brush selection tool and the eraser. I then took the image of myself and put it into the picture I found online. To crop out the character in the background, I used the clone/stamp tool so I could use the same background to make the picture look more authentic. I then using filters I Added Noise  and used Field Focus to give a grainy look to myself and to match the focal length of the background.

Picture 2

Self Portrait #3

This picture turned out much cooler than I thought it was going to. I was not sure what I was trying to accomplish when I started editing but once I thought of the general theme to place pictures of the milky way inside the cropped out spaces on my self portrait it was really fun to edit. First, I loaded the picture into photoshop and (using a variety of selection tools and the eraser) was able to crop out the background. I then used the adjustment for Black and White. I then googled images of the milky way that I thought were interesting and started laying them into my canvas, being sure to position them to have to coolest parts be inside the areas of my body that were cropped out. I then began to erase around the perimeter of my body to crop out the edges of the milky way. Once all of the pictures were cropped to my linking, I merge the layers of the stars and adjusted the Saturation to make the colors of the stars pop more. I then duplicated the layer with my self portrait and added Blur to give a shadowing effect behind the image.

Picture #3


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